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Sensei Judith Robinson
phone 520 887-3986,

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Why is Aikido different?  Unlike the striking martial arts, the aim of aikido is not to injure or kill an opponent.  Instead, aikido teaches how to resolve conflict as safely as possible. Aikido uses graceful but powerful locks, throws, and pins that quickly immobilize an attacker without causing permanent injury. This is why aikido is called "the art of non-resistance."
Training for Mind and Body. During an aikido class, students practice techniques for blending with and neutralizing punches, grabs, and assaults. The training develops balance, flexibility and coordination, and self-confidence in the face of an attack. The ultimate goal of aikido training is to master a calm, alert and confident approach to conflict - a courageous and compassionate spirit that whole-heartedly confronts the challenges and difficulties of life.
Since aikido stresses harmony and non-violence, there are no competition tournaments or full contact sparring. Students mark their progress by passing formal tests in which they demonstrate aikido techniques. Training is open to students of all ages and physical abilities. We hope that you will join us in order to experience aikido for yourself.


Monday  4-6:30 pm 
Tuesday  7-8 am
Wednesday  4-6:30 pm
Thursday  5:45-6:45
Friday 7-8 am
Saturday 9:30-10:30 am
Sunday (1st and 3rd of each month) 9-10 am