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Sensei Mark Gettings                               Sensei Dan Keupp
 Yamakawa Dojo                                        Ryu Shin Kan Dojo
phone 520 797-1572,                                     520 272 -3435  
mgetting@earthlink.net                             dkeupp@comcasr.net
 Both Sensei Gettings and Sensei Keupp teach within the same tradition of sword.

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Sensei Mark Gettings
At the Yamakawa Dojo several styles or kenjitsu (sword techniques) are studied. The purpose of training, in addition to mastering the use and care of the sword, is to teach one to face stressful situations calmly and rationally, moving the body as required to avoid injury, and responding appropriately to the situation. the three elements of training are kata (forms) performed individually, kata with a partner (kumitachi), and test cutting (tameshigiri).
Emphasis is on form and technique, for if one cannot cut well, he has not mastered the sword.
The omote, or external arts,  studied are  Batto Do Ryu Sei Ken,   Nakamura Batto Do/Toyama Ryu, and Shin Shin Sekiguchi Ryu.  The two former styles are modern, and the latter style is one of the Koryu (old schools) of Japan dating back to 1634.  Mizu Hi Kobukan Iai is a modern style drawn from several styles and is our ura, or internal art.

Sensei  Dan Keupp      Ryu Shin Kan  Dojo
Shin Shin Sekguchi Ryu Iaijutsu is a koryu sword art that was started in the 1600's by Sekiguchi Yagouemon Ujinari of the Imagawa clan..  It is known for its fierce kaia and jumping switch feet  called Toboichigai.  Sekiguchi Ryu is headed by Yamada Yoshitaka, 11th Soke of Sekiguchi Ryu.  The American Renmei cho is Carl McClafferty.  Dan Keupp is a direct student of both senseis, and is a Chuden Menkyo in Sekiguchi Ryu. Teachings include the use of akatana, wakizashi and tanto.  All teachings are taught through the traditional means of kata, kumitaichi, and tameshigiri.

Monday   Yamakawa  6:45-8:30 pm

Tuesday   ShinShinRyu  4:30-6:15 pm

Thursday  Nakamura Ryu 4-5:30 pm
                ShinShinRyu 6:45-8:30 pm

Saturday  ShinShinRyu  10:45-noon